Inference to the Loveliest Explanation?

David Hume statue, Edinburgh
This week, we have Dominic Hall of St Hilda’s College, and SocSoc Secretary, talking about:

Why grue isn’t lovely

The old problem of induction has puzzled philosophers since Hume, and with Goodman’s development of the ‘new problem’ can we have any basis to make inductive inferences at all. In this talk I’ll explain the new problem and then outline my theory as to how it can be avoided, using the technique of Inference to the Loveliest explanation.

Date: Wednesday of 4th week // November 4th, 2009
Time: 2000-2200
Venue: Canada Room, St Hilda’s College (ask at the lodge if you cannot find it)

You can get membership at the meeting. It’s £2 for a meeting’s worth of wine, £5 for a term’s worth, and £10 for a lifetime’s right to imbibe.

I hope to see you on Wednesday.

Nakul Krishna
President, Oxford Socrates Society


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