Socrates, tutor?

Socrates teaching

First meeting of Michaelmas Term: the 28th of October at 8 pm in the Fraenkel Room in Corpus Christi College. 

Nakul Krishna, Corpus Christi College, will be talking about…


Why Socrates would make a lousy Oxford tutor (and not just because he was smelly)

The Socratic method — learning by question and answer — is often taken to be the appropriate model for the Oxford tutorial system. But is this right? With its emphasis on testing the person rather than the philosophical position, Socrates’ alarming penchant for passing off implausible theses off onto his callow young interlocutors, and potential allegations of what we might now call sexual harassment, one wonders if the model is quite the right one for tutors to aspire to…

Meet you there!


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