Thursday 7th: Philosophy and Society

Our first meeting this term is at 7.30, Thursday the 7th of May, in the Old Law Library, Magdalen College.

In this meeting, held jointly with the PPE Society, will discuss the relationship between philosophy and the society it arises in.


How are philosophers conditioned? Do certain theoretical positions reflect certain sorts of society or certain sorts of social positions? What is the role of economics, politics, demographics, linguistics, and culture?

Philosophy is often supposed to deal with timeless a priori truths. But if its subject-matter is timeless, then why does it change so much over time? Can an understanding of its relationship to the rest of society help to answer this question?

What are the implications if it does? If philosophy reflects society, then can we adopt any philosophy as true without implying the superiority of a certain society? If we can’t, should we care?

The meeting will begin with a short talk suggesting a link between changes in mainstream philosophy of mind and changes in the dominance of difference social classes. After that the discussion will be open to all and our topics will be limited only by where the argument leads us!

Wine will be served.


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